Government Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi (Regd.)

ScreenshotRama Rehab Foundation a government nasha mukti kenra in Delhi, which has been deeply occupied in the national campaign of rehabilitation centre start since 2001 years. It is our privilege you inform that our efforts on make to make our nation free from all types centre of alcohol addiction treatment are still spreading all over delhi noida, gurgaon, India with great get success and join Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi. till now about half millions people of drug/alcohol/nicotine addicted patient who make benefit more than extra with our efforts.

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi

They are not only show and saved to her own life but have also saved enough many we  are working social funnel and family support. We are using first medicine in the field of alcohol De-Addiction love to patient and give social programming and Nasha Mukti Kendra. As we know that its category except all guys who make and treat use our member main good behave with patient, Nasha Mukti was out since then it has been receiving you one time to time payment many addict cases face we are all needed requirement resove of patient hands in India & the neighboring area gurgaon as well. Mr sanjay mathur handle all work with team support promote all team their family maintence support, according to patient and give society had started operation in 2001 as an Ayurvedic strategies. We are all type medicine manufacturing and supply firm here you will get. from its humble point beginning to time started nasha mukti Kendra in delhi then all over in india, it is coming a long term way today and become one of the biggest chains of Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi people not only in Delhi and india but also around the world with the largest herbal & natural product use we can share with you some portfolio. For trust Overall we have successfully team transformed ourselves as professionally all managed enterprises free prices. Our motive that to give new smile all addict child to elder people, happiness & cure to those family who are suffering for you to addiction & incurable society point diseases patient.

Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

We are shall found you offering a moral value of duty, if we do not mention all of details so many words, the great patronage & moral support we got during addict people make all these years from our respected educated doctors, without whose people unstinted co-operation support & unbounded society program for patience, the campaign of Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi organize still & abroad would not have been possible to give smile to every people, happiness & cure important role play in our life to more than half lack of people in delhi face problem & their family spot help more then give lot of smile to patient join Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi. This is valiantly bored with us for such long time work; even some of them had kept aside their regular practice we are doing & devoted their full time and part time work practice only for our nasha mukti centre.

De addiction center in Delhi

We take this opportunity to extend our sincere point gratitude to the respected doctors and patient of our De addiction center in Delhi its member. who has put their efforts of own self in achieving to target of spreading the campaign in delhi run as well as all over the india. Rama rehab foundation doctors would open up new vistas for the doctors & would provide that with something to enthuse over years & cherish for all times to come. Here We have 200 addict patient and use some includes raw herbs powders, which we will be releasing in upcoming centre and join De addiction center in Delhi.

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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi A Drug Addiction Center

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi

Founded in January in 2001 The aim of Rama Rehab Foundation is to help the drug addiction people here who come out of drug de addiction and fast recovery them to being productive all members of their family and of society environment. our goal will be addict life stay all people Rama Rehab Foundation through assessment, evaluation, residential counseling/caring addict people, outpatient treatment and aftercare transitional support our team and join Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi. Assessing and offering necessary help to the drug addict patient who need in all areas that impact his ability to recover fast. This includes addressing the 3 years dimensions i.e. the de addiction patient’s withdrawal and recovery fast through to Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi and intoxication potential, mental health including emotional, biomedical health, cognitive, and behavioral issues, motivation to change, relapse potential, your body and recovery fast to drug healthy environment.

Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Rama Rehab Foundation nasha mukti kendra in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida Inform will be offering to the patient of help him or her understand drug addiction patient feeling as a disease causing of drug main social failure problem, and if we can develop understanding and practicing of the 12 Step fast recovery and multi facility available in Rama Rehab foundation and Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi. Socialism public moment and group who against of drug people here all including cognitive and experiential drug addiction full body health therapies to break socialism through negative point self-messages to addict people attitudes and their behavior who return a addict people through chemical powder use our doctors and members. a holistic approaching to the utilized memory, to include address spiritual and emotional socialism to recovery as, grief, fear, anger, resentments, selfishness, self-pity, dishonesty, denial and disconnection from a higher and lower power of mind by abiding over by the 12 Step program is socialism festival and join Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi. Rama Rehab foundation de addiction patient will be supported if any of social issues problem that contribute to chemical use, such as poverty of mind, criminal background of patient, and criminal and sexual problem victimization. And education, our counseling and support will be provided to addict patient if anyone want help family members and others society problem is main conduct to close to the addiction patient doctors to understand their quality of roles of the patient’s disease life, how to best supporting the patient to recover fast, and our team members now that how to maintain their own self well-being in the context of their loved with addiction society problem.

De addiction center in Delhi

Our nasha mukti kendra here mentioned all starting health work de addiction process with addict patient’s successful transition to healthy fit body, family, society, and self-help of family participation will be established, De addiction center in Delhi, thus contributing to the patient’s addiction recovery our doctors and team members in addiction and restoration to mainstream society.

Name = Rama Rehab Foundation

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Address = A – 6, Asola Near Shanidham Mandir 
New Delhi – 110074

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Government Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi

Alcoholism is treatable. With treatment it is conceivable to surrender drinking and live without alcohol. However, there are a few myths connected with alcohol addiction. Such myths breed inadequate thinking that the greater part of individuals are not willing to quit drinking and Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi. Also, for the most part don’t acknowledge that they are ADDICTED.

Ten Myths About Nasha Mukti Kendra:-

Myth #1: My life my decision. Nobody has the privilege to give me an address:

It’s actual that drinking is your decision and to stop drinking is likewise up to you. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you believe that your drinking harms nobody else yet you, than you are incorrect and join Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi. This influences everybody around you and generally the general population who are nearest to you. Your issue is their issue. Rama Rehab is the best Rehab Center in Delhi.

Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Myth #2: Beer consumers are not alcoholic:

“I just drink brew not the hard beverages”

This is an extremely normal explanation by individuals particularly youthful ones. However, brew is additionally contains adequate measure of alcohol and some are extremely solid. On the off chance that you devour brew routinely then it is hurtful as well. As indicated by exploration, a 12-ounce jug of brew has the same measure of alcohol as a standard shot of 80-proof alcohol or 5 ounces of wine. The best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi For alcohol is Rama Rehab.


Myth #3: I am not an alcoholic since I don’t drink each day:

Addiction is not characterized by when you drink or the amount you drink. Its about the impacts. On the off chance that your drinking propensity is bringing on issues in your family, employment, and social life then you have a drinking issue.

Myth #4: Drinking is not by any means addiction, similar to drug misuse:

Alcohol is likewise a drug and alcoholism is additionally harming like drug misuse. Alcohol addiction additionally causes changes in body, mind and so forth. Also, here and there it uncovers annihilating consequences for your life and join Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi. Please do visit Alcohol Rehab In Delhi.

De addiction center in Delhi

Myth #5: I have an all around settled life so I’m not an alcoholic:

It’s a bit much that on the off chance that you are destitute or drink shoddy alcohol then you are considered as alcoholic. Numerous alcoholics have an incredible life yet in the event that you are an advanced alcoholic doesn’t mean you are not putting your life in threat. Do consider alcohol drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi.

Myth #6: Alcohol enhances my sexual execution:

Despite the fact that you may imagine that drinking improves you in bed, mentally alcohol diminishes your execution. Also, you ask for nasha mukti kendra in Delhi.

Myth #7: If a someone who is addicted goes to recovery, it will costs his/her occupation:

This is a myth that in the event that anybody go looks for recovery then it will costs their expert life. In any case, individuals need not know, they can request leave from their boss because of well being issues and De addiction center in Delhi.

Myth #8: If you don’t drink, then you are exhausting:

‘In the event that you don’t drink than you have an exhausting life’

Being social and not exhausting is not about alcoholism or drug misuse. It relies on upon your mentality towards life.


Myth #9: Seeking overcome addiction is an indication of individual shortcoming:

Addiction is an infection that causes mental and in addition physical changes in the body. Furthermore, tolerating your issues is not shortcoming but rather it demonstrates your fearlessness.

Myth #10: Drug and alcohol restoration normally comes up short:

This is the most well-known myth. Be that as it may, if a man will surrender drinking and he/she is resolved, then anybody can conquer the shortcoming. One must have a solid self discipline and backing from family and companions.

Name = Rama Rehab


Address = A – 6, Asola Near Shanidham Mandir Chattarpur Main Road New Delhi – 110074

Phone no. = 9811303800

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