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Looking for a government approved de addiction centre in Delhi for better life helping addicts. As the associations focus on putting addiction a phase in front of its dependency, the current various points of interest for people struggling with de-habitual drug abuse and alcohol addiction centre in Delhi are centered crosswise in India.


To ensure your stay in Rama Rehab is comfortable, we have provided spacious rooms with all the basic amenities that are needed. We offer single, double and triple occupancy rooms. Residential is designed to provide a relaxing environment. Other facilities include well-decorated common areas, medical rooms, dining rooms, well-equipped fitness centers, a maintained tropical garden with large lawns for activities and join de addiction centre in Delhi. Our in-house kitchen and trained chefs provide nutritious, multi-cuisine meals to offer a balanced diet. You only need to carry your clothes and toiletries when planning to stay at Rama Rehab Rehabilition Centre.

De addiction centre in Delhi

Drug Addiction Centre Delhi has a tie-up with some of the best and most trusted de-addiction centre in Delhi. Our team of highly competent psychiatrists, physical therapists, and staff ensures that every recovering addict receives the proper de-addiction treatment that they require. De addiction centre in Delhi is the most important phase of recovering from addiction and, if not noted for, addiction can reverse.


For example, de-addiction anxiety is in the direction of women going for a moderate experience focused; They understand that different types of treatment are required compared to young developed men, and they are prepared to adjust to fit the needs of different addicts and drug de addiction centre in Delhi. The age is concentrated and its offices and employees get drugged by patience from illicit drugs.

Join our De addiction centre in Delhi

There is a tie-up with centers of de addiction centre in Delhi there exists a low doctor-patient ratio, which ensures that every person gets proper attention from the doctors. Teams of doctors at de-addiction centre in Delhi use various methods to de-addiction addicts. It helps us to make sure that anyone who comes to us to seek help gets the best treatment possible to improve ourselves.

The reversal is additional valid and de addiction centre in Delhi. The point is centered when intoxication which resolves to build the way of a new discovery of life, and in meeting fearless de-determination towards fulfilling complete restraint, responsibility is often settled. A health benefit is accustomed to someone who is accustomed to their recovery process and may be exceptionally viable at the Alcohol Addiction Centre in Delhi. Responsibility often brings about enduring patience and long run is a fundamental part of recuperation.


All these factors make our facilities the best de addiction centre in Delhi. All Rehabs are routinely checked to ensure quality and standards are maintained, ensuring that recovering addicts are provided with the top of the class treatment. It helps them to redeem themselves, and to return as a productive member of society.

Government Approved DE Addiction center in Delhi

Are you searching for best and customer satisfied Government Approved De-addiction Center in Delhi for drug alcohol? Alcohol has become a part of life for many, and for some, it has become a necessity? End number of people are getting stuck in the web of alcohol and drugs. Getting out from addiction is easy if someone has a strong will power but everyone cannot do so.  That’s when Rama Rehab De-Addiction Center can help you out. It operates in Delhi NCR, India.

Best De-Addiction Center in Delhi NCR 

Rama Rehab De addiction center in Delhi came into existence in the year 2001 under the leadership of Mr. Sanjay Mathur. Since then it has been bigger and better. It treats the addicts with the treatment model based on the Minnesota model.


In India, as the young population is in a large proportion, the percentage of addicts is high. Every party of young people is incomplete without the spice of alcohol. That’s the reason why many Rehabilitation Centers Delhi are coming in picture. Rama Rehab is one from them. It has a vision and mission of achieving 100% de-addiction rate. Rama Rehab has gained a reputation and image due to its quality and variety of services. Let’s see some of its services.

Alcoholism Treatment

It treats alcohol addicts with understanding and care. It has a team of therapists that knows exactly how to bring an addict to normal. The team creates a belongingness environment which helps the addicts to generate a strong will power.

Drug Addiction Treatment

It offers treatment for drug addicts, wherein the team works very hard to bring little by little improvement in the addict’s life. Getting a drug addict to normal takes time but Rama Rehab team makes it sooner.


It offers counseling services which help the team to know the mentality and problems of the addicts. It also takes counseling sessions for the family members so that they can create a better environment for the addicts.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation is the best way to calm a soul and to generate a strong will power. Rama Rehab offers yoga and meditation services to the addicts for faster recovery.

Why go for Rama Rehab de-addiction center?

Government Aided

Rama Rehab is a government operated the De-Addiction Center in Delhi. The fees of the addicts are charged less and that’s the reason most of the addicts are admitted in it.

Luxurious amenities

Rama Rehab De-Addiction Center provides the addicts with luxurious amenities that make them feel like home.

Success rate

It has a high success rate which makes them the best in the town. Every addict is treated with care and it is seen that he walks out as a normal human being.

If you are looking for a De-Addiction Center in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida at reasonable fees then Rama Rehab best suits your needs. It is one of the best premium luxury de-addiction center located in India. You help us to help you in creating a drug-free society.

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