Rama Rehab Foundation a Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi


Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi

Our aim of Rama Rehab Foundation is to helping the suffering addicts person to come out of drug de addiction and restore them to being productive members of their family and of society respect and join Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi. This goal will be met Rama Rehab Foundation through assessment work of drug addiction, evaluation, residential counseling/caring, out patient get treatment here and aftercare transitional supporting work. Assessing and providing necessary help services to the drug addiction people in all areas that impact his ability to recover fast the addict. This includes addressing the six dimensions i.e. the every patient’s with drawal at our nasha mukti Kendra in delhi and intoxication potential, biomedical healthing wellness, mental health including emotional, cognitive, and behavioral any issues, motivation to everyone to change, relapse potential, and fast recovery healthy life and depend environment.

Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Our nasha mukti kendra in delhi Inform will be providing to the person to help him or her understanding drug addiction services patient as a disease causing a social failure problem, to develop understanding of power and motivation and practicing of the 12 Step fast recovery process and multi facility available here and Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi. Individual and group therapies to include cognitive and experiential addiction therapies to break through negative self-messages attitudes and good behaviors that return a patient to chemical use our doctors. A holistic approach to our foundation will be utilized, to include addressing spiritual and emotional help blocks to recovery ( as example, grief, fear, anger, resentments, selfishness, self-pity, dishonesty, denial and disconnection from a higher power of mind) by abiding by the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi program is socailism. de addiction person will be supported to social respect value issues that contribute to chemical use medicine, such as poverty, criminal background, and criminal make a good person its our aim and if you are sexual problem victimization. education, counseling work organize and support will be provided to help family members and others society close to the patient to understand their your roles in the patient’s disease life, how to best support the patient to recover fast, and how to maintain work lifestyle their own self well-being in the contact for their loved with society people and join Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi.

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De addiction center in Delhi

Rama Rehab Foundation nasha mukti centre a government approved all above-mentioned process the patient’s successful transition to healthy fit, in the sense wellness family, society, and own self-help of family participation ignore to anyone will be established, background thus contributing to the patient’s fast recovery. our doctors and team specialized addiction and restoration to mainstream society in value of people join De addiction center in Delhi.

Name  = Rama Rehab Foundation

Phone No. = 9811303800

Address = A – 6, Asola Near Shanidham Mandir New Delhi – 110074

Website = http://www.ramarehab.com/nasha-mukti-kendra-in-delhi-gurgaon-ghaziabad-noida-india.html

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